fourteen_dreams (fourteen_dreams) wrote,

My life lately

Boring, plain, dull, uneventful, semi-hazerdus.
-Im sick of drama
-Im sick of people not letting go the past, and wasting their lives away being pissed. I just want to grab them and slap them and scream into their face LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO WALK AROUND PISSED OFF ALL THE TIME! LET THE MIDDLE SCHOOL BULLSHIT GO!
- I see way too many people wrapped up in stupid un-needed drama, i mean realy, wheather your christian or not, break down life, and it all comes down to one thing, DRAMA DOESENT MATTER, your going to die, whoever you "hate" or "dislike" is going to die, EVERYONE is going to die, get over your petty disputes and enjoy the time you have.

-I want something new, im so sick of this area, theres nothing to do, i love my friends, but im sick of just being able to sit in my living room and play poker in our boxers (me jordan and patrick last night) and driveing arround screaming DE DE GON DRIFF! hahaha yah, last night was a good night, i have a lot of good nights, honestly i have nothing to complain about, but im going to anyway....because im bored, and i havnt in a while, haha. I can't wait for change. Me and Patrick might move in together this summer, which would be awesome. I have one job, i need to get another so i can do that, my plan is to get moved out by the end of the year. honestly i despize people who think they can just bum off their parents untill their 20 or 21, 19 is semi understandable, but i still dont believe in it. And i hate it when kids complain that they don't have enough money to move out, i have a few friends doing that, and i have just one thing to say to them, you put yourself in that position.

-Im going on an adventure, its going to be sweet. im going to buy a road bike (lance armstrong bike for those of you who dont know) and im going to bike to sarahs house in stockton, and then bike home the next day. its going to be a long ass bikeride, but im going to love it. Im thinking 3 hours if i train hella hard, well, not train, just start riding a lot. Im excited for it.

-so yah, thats my bipolar ranting with bulletpoints. peace!
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