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So i havnt updated my journal in probably like 6 months....and im realy bored, waiting for patrick arin and leslie to come over, so i thought i would update. My life has been amazing lately, besides school. Contrary to popular belief, my spritiual life is beaming, i reflect on god, and my love for him, and greatfullnes for everything arround me daily, it rules. My wordly life is awesome too, ive found a girl that i can settle down with for a long time, her name is sarah, she is amazing, im posotive none of you know her, because she lives in stockton, but yah, she is amazing. Ive made tons of new friends lately, and im becoming closer with old friends, almost like everything is coming full circle right as high school ends, its an amazing feeling. I just got back from mexico yesterday, i went with my family and a few family friends, i made a new realy good friend, and shes now my new manager. I only work 1 day a week at abercrombie now, because im sick of working for 7 dollars, yes, after working a year, i went from 6.75 to 7.00, AMAZING! but yah, im now getting 8 dollars an hour working at The Dog in san ramon, its going to rule. Im realy excited, i finally found a book that has sparked my interest and kept me reading, for those of you who do not know, i normaly HATE reading, but i began a book when i was in mexico, and ive never read so much, or so enjoyably. If you have never read "The Dainci Code", read it, even if you hate reading, read it, it is amazing, i have definately gained a love for reading. Shaina always told me to find a book i love, and it will spark a love for reading, i never realy understood that untill now, but its awesome. Im playing lacrosse now, i suck, but i love it. Yah, thats my rambling for now...the kids arent here yet...but they should be soon. Peace out.
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